The Singing Tree à Lausanne

Celebrating the earth through the performing arts

A social, ecological, and humanitarian artivist project for youth

The Singing Tree


The Singing Tree is a performing arts education program which aims to empower youth through ecological and human rights activism. The project was initiated in 2020 by the singer Nandita Natarajan in collaboration with the Goodall Institute “Roots and Shoots” youth program. It is part of the global movement “The Singing Tree Project” in the USA.

Partnership with the Goodall Institute & "Roots & Shoots" Youth Program

The Singing Tree has found a mentor in the person of Dr. Jane Goodall, anthropologist, international activist and Messenger of Peace for the United Nations.

Founded in 2020 by the singer Nandita Natarajan, The Singing Tree is the first artistic project combining music, musical theatre, and acting as tools to raise awareness of human rights and the environment for youth in Switzerland.



We believe that having access to arts education is a fundamental right that contributes to the emotional and cognitive well-being of the child. The Singing Tree promotes diversity, inclusion, and gender equality. Diversity is a gift that we want to value in all our programs.


We believe that passing on our passion for the performing arts to younger generations helps cultivate creativity in young people and inspires them to work positively within their community. 


Creating and connecting communities from all around the world around a common artistic project is our main goal. We promote peace education and the transmission of strong humanitarian values ​​such as welcoming others, respect and intercultural understanding.


Because we care about the future of our young generations and their environment, we want to make their aspirations and dreams heard through the performing arts with the aim to co-create a better future for all. 



Musical theatre classes

One-to-one singing lessons

Musical theatre camps



Elementary school class photo

Educational projects with schools

Atmeh, Syria - January 14, 2013: Internally displaced Syrians, including children, at a refugee camp near the Turkish border in Atmeh, Syria

NGOs and International Organizations

Hopital & institutions spécialisées - HUG à Genève

Children’s Hospital and Special Needs Facilities

Our International Community

Our Singing Tree community is growing very quickly and already brings together more 30 different countries! 

Our programs are accessible to all children regardless of their culture or social background. Our impact is at local and international levels. We collaborate with schools, municipalities, and hospitals as well as with NGOs and international organizations.

Our partners & sponsors




A big congratulations!”

August 2021
A brilliant initiative that speaks to the hearts of young people and offers a modern vision of education” Congratulations!!!"
Grace Lotscher, Ortra Santé Sociale,Geneva,


July 2021
No words to describe my admiration for your project which touches my heart, and which has allowed my son to regain his self-confidence and perspective for his future during the pandemic."
Silvia Mariane,
Lausanne, Switzerland

Thank you !

June 2021
"What an amazing project! my kids loved it, I am so impressed!”

James Parker,
Lausanne, Switzerland

Great !

August 2021
Thank you for the unforgettable week that my daughter Sarah spent with you during the summer course on the theme of music and the environment. I am amazed! Congratulations again to you for this great project. We will sign up again for sure !
Lalila Thomas,
Lausanne, Switzerland
To dare to own your voice and step into your leadership is the work of a lifetime.
To help kids advocate for peace, freedom and human values, is my vocation and the reason why I created The Singing Tree.
Nandita Natarajan
Founder of The Singing Tree
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