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Through our artistic projects, we want to bring awareness to young people about the environmental issues of our society in order to build a more sustainable world that is respectful of the Earth and its inhabitants. Our programs are committed and accessible to all children regardless of their culture or social background. Our impact is at the local and international levels. We collaborate with schools, and hospitals as well as with NGOs and international organizations.

Educational projects with schools

Thanks to a privileged partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute and “Roots and Shoots” youth program, The Singing Tree offers schools committed educational projects around musical theatre on the themes such as biodiversity, human rights and peace building combining song, dance and theatre.

We also collaborate with innovative schools as part of the “Eco-Schools” network, which is the largest international program for environmental education and sustainable development. This program is recognized by UNESCO and UNEP.

Our current projects:

NGOs & International Organizations

We also collaborate with NGOs, children’s aid associations and international organizations (UNESCO, UN) to offer children from underprivileged backgrounds access to artistic education.

Some NGOs we are currently working with:

Children's Hospital & Special Needs Children's Homes

The Singing Tree organizes events and workshops for children hospitalized at HUG and at CHUV in Switzerland, in collaboration with medical students from l’Hopital Des Nounours. We also organise regularly singing workshops in special needs children’s home on request.

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