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Nandita Natarajan offers musical theatre classes to children and youth from all cultural and social backgrounds in schools, NGOs as well as in orphanages in Switzerland and abroad (France, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania…).

Placing multicultural music education at the heart of her pedagogy, she is convinced that the singing voice is the most powerful instrument to create unity in communities and to help young people find their voice and place in the world.

Blending voice, theatre and dance, classes are accessible without prior musical training as well as to more experienced young singers wishing to acquire a high level of vocal performance.

Are you a school or an NGO in Switzerland or France? you are interested in collaborating with us? Feel free to contact us directly on +41 (0)77 406 53 97 (from Switzerland), +33 6 30 06 10 07 (from France). You can also write to us at:


Private schools:

Singing and musical theatre classes

  • In Lausanne/Geneva: CHF 125.-/hour
  • In Thonon or Evian: EUR 90/hour

One-to-one singing lessons:

  • In Lausanne: CHF 80.-/ hour
  • In Thonon or Evian: EUR 65/ hour

Subsidized rates :

Etat de Vaud, Conservatoire de Musique de Lausanne, UN, NGOs

Singing and musical theatre classes

  • In Lausanne: CHF 95.-/ hour
  • EURO ZONE EUR 85/hour

One-to-one singing lessons:

  • In Lausanne: CHF 68 /hour
  • EURO ZONE EUR 62 /hour

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