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In the context of private or small group sessions (3 participants maximum), Nandita Natarajan offers therapeutic singing sessions for children and young people on the autistic spectrum, who have a speech impediment or have post-traumatic stress disorders (due to grief, illness, loss of speech, parental divorce, school failure, loss of a loved one, displacement, rape, abuse, war trauma) to work towards their personal reconstruction.

Why therapeutic singing?

When we have been through a traumatic event or a stressful time our bodies and our voices seem to be trapped inside. Although we may have mentally understood or come through the bad times, our bodies can still be stuck in them. Many of us have forgotten how to relax. By teaching the body to sing we release tensions, reconnect with ourselves and start to live freely again.

What happens in a therapeutic singing class?

We start by discovering reliable and comforting breathing techniques. Next, we encourage free sound making. You’ll gradually release tensions around the body, especially in the tongue. We then introduce vocal play using the whole body to connect with sound. We introduce you to simple techniques to dispel anxiety, especially around event recall. Singing tuning will once again become accurate (we can all pitch when speaking).

Therapeutic singing sessions allow young people to free themselves from emotional blockages and rediscover their true self-expression. In partnership with HUG hospitals and healthcare professionals, therapeutic singing sessions are conducted with the care and respect of the child.  

Duration: 60 mins

Time: to be defined with the teacher/therapist

Location: in private homes, in children disability homes, children’s hospitals, in Lausanne, Evian or Thonon.

One-to-one therapeutic singing session of 60 min :

  • In Lausanne: CHF 75.-
  • In Thonon or Evian: €70

Group therapeutic singing session of 60 min in children disability homes :

  • In Lausanne: CHF 130.-
  • In Thonon or Evian: €110

Download attached documents for registration (PDF)

Additional information

To register please contact us directly on +41 (0)77 406 53 97 (if you are in Lausanne) or on +33 6 30 06 10 07 (if you are in Thonon or Evian). You can also contact us at the following email address:

Clothing for the session: a water bottle, gym slippers and comfortable clothing.

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